Ability Arena Partners with Gaimin.GG

Ability Arena Partners with Gaimin.GG

After Valve instituted a zero-monetization stance on custom games, we took Ability Arena down thinking we'd have no way to afford the upkeep of such a project. Luckily, Gaimin.GG has agreed to sponsor our esports scene, which in turn will allow us to continue the development of the game and competitive scene.

All Gods are free

PLUS has been made Free, as long as you connect your account to the Gaimin App. In addition to the old features, PLUS will now additionally add about half the Gods (25+) to use for free. The other half will be enabled for Free by default. In other words, you can now access all the Gods in the game for free.


Monthly Tournaments

As part of this partnership, Gaimin.GG are offering a $1,000 prizepool for monthly tournaments which will be streamed by us on Twitch. Details for signups will be announced soon. You will be required to have PLUS to participate in these tournaments.

For future updates please join our Discord.