Ability Arena Season 6

Ability Arena Season 6

Better late than never! With this update, you get a brand new Battlepass filled with goodies. There are 8 new Gods and 15 additional spells added to the pool. We've also done a ton of spell balancing. Be sure to check out the full changelog here: https://abilityarena.com/changelog

Season 6 Battlepass

Here are a few of the featured items in the Season 6 Battlepass. Gods will be listed in the Gods section further down.

God Chest 3 (Level 5, 30, 36, 71 or in the Store)

Arcane Spawn FX (Level 23)

Tavern Arena (Level 55)

Nature Spawn FX (Level 60)

Chess Arena (Level 200)

After Level 80, every 5 levels will alternate between a War Chest and a Double Down.

Cat Click FX (Level 70)

Click FX can now be heard by everyone viewing area in which the clicks are happening.

Opera Sound Pack (Level 35)

Scottish Bastard Sound Pack (Level 61)

Player Avatar Rework

We've reworked the way Player Avatars work. Your player ranks will no longer show by default, as this was causing a lot of visual clutter. Instead it will be included in the hover.

The hover also includes God specific information when relevant (Ogre Magi Spell points, Alchemist Gold etc.). In addition to this, the panel will now show whether the player has purchased the Battlepass or PLUS, and will display the Battlepass level.

Lastly, there is now a mute function in the game. This will mute a player's Gaben Sounds and Click FX (which are now heard by all players). The mute function is only accessible with PLUS and will not carry over to the next game.

8 New Gods

The G-Man (Level 41 Battlepass)



G-Man is my new favorite God. It's the first god to interact with items. You will be supplied with 2 crappy items throughout the game, which if you make it to late game means you will have an item on each hero. You're able to re-roll up to 3 items per round. Will you end up with 5 S-Tier items? Or will G-Man betray you? Only time will tell.

Undying (Level 80 Battlepass)



Undying can be a bit difficult to understand. Essentially the hero selected will become a Tombstone, which does a little damage in the area and lowers attack speed. When it comes to autoattacks, it will be treated the same as a hero. While inside the Tombstone, the hero can do absolutely nothing. When the Tombstone is destroyed or expires naturally, the hero will be released with a buff.

The buff depends entirely on when the hero is released. There are 2 buffs (one giving Strength percentage increase, and the second giving overall damage amplification). The strength buff will start maxed out and count down over time. The damage buff will start at 0 and count up over time. Essentially, the buffs are inversely connected.

So if you front line the Tombstone and it dies early, you hero will get more of the Strength percentage buff. If you leave it in the back and it expires late, you will get the damage buff.

This allows for multiple strategies and pivots throughout the game.

Axe (God Chest 3 Common)



Axe is our first tank spell casting God. The more you cast spells, the more armor you will receive. The more armor you have, whether it be from this buff or simple spells, the more damage your Battle Hungers will deal.

Keeper of the Light (God Chest 3 Common)


Keeper of the Light is a spell casting God that doesn't have to worry about mana all too much. Your spells will buff your other spells CDR, while giving you cheaper mana costs across the board.

Necrophos (God Chest 3 Common)



We've added another healing God to the mix. Keep in mind that Heartstopper works on ALL units, so you're incentivized to build tanky.

Spirit Breaker (God Chest 3 Rare)


One of our more simple designs. You simply gain the Charge ability, which will level up throughout the game. As you remember before we benched this spell, it has some major power spikes.

Arc Warden (God Chest 3 Very Rare)


Arc Warden will allow you to create a clone that will receive one spell from the hero you choose. The down-side is both you and the clone receive a 50% attack penalty.

This God will surely have some crazy combos. Looking forward to what you all come up with.

Invoker (God Chest 3 Extremely Rare)


You are supplied with Quas, Wex, Exort, all of which will scale in different ways. You are free to create 2 spells of choice and give them to unit(s). This introduces all of Invoker's spells into the game.

Most of the spells are the same as in Dota, but a couple had to be tweaked. The main one is Ghost Walk, which will be a much shorter duration but deal massive backstab damage after coming out of invisibility. If Exort is maxed then Sunstrike becomes Cataclysm.


As mentioned, the rest of the changelog can be found here: https://abilityarena.com/changelog

It includes a lot of balance changes that will be sure to spice things up. In addition we've increased the pool of spells from 175 to 190. Each game will still have 100 spells every time.