Ability Arena Season 5

Ability Arena Season 5

Welcome to Ability Arena Season 5! This season's theme is TF2. If you'd like to read the changelog in full, visit here.

Season 5 Battlepass

Galaxy God Chest 2 with Recycle feature (Battlepass Level 5, 36, 71 or 10,000 Gold in Store)
The new God chest will include some of the past Battlepass Gods as well as some new Rares. We've also added the functionality to be able to recycle the God Chest 2 for a God Chest 1. This recycle feature is permanent and NOT available for the original God Chest.


Arena Chest (Battlepass Level 8, 31, 50)
We've added some Arena Chests to this season's Battlepass. As you've noticed in past months, we've been creating new content to help fill the Battlepass in order for it to feel a lot more rewarding.
Finisher Chest (Battlepass Level 11, 40)
In addition to the Arena Chest is the Finishers, which is also only available in the Battlepass itself.

2Fort Arena (Battlepass Level 55)
Our TF2 themed Arena is none other than the most iconic TF2 map of all time, 2Fort.

Portal Arena (Battlepass Level 200)
The cake is a lie.

Gaben Arena (Battlepass Level 1000)
Gaben never looked so good.

Dirt Click FX (Battlepass Level 70)
This is an entirely new effect that we've added to the game, which we hope you'll enjoy spamming.

TF2 Win Streak (Battlepass Level 45)
That UberCharge medic pack is pretty hardcore looking!

TF2 Finisher (Battlepass Level 30)
The Demoman lives on.

Heavy Metal Sound Pack (Battlepass Level 35)
Thanks to SuperMattAttacks for jamming out with this season's Gaben Sound Pack! This is the same guy who made those epic Arkosh music videos.

New Gods

Brewmaster God (Rare in God Chest 2)
Internally this God has become a meme because we've had to completely remake him 4 times over the course of the last year. The first 3 iterations just weren't fun and we weren't expecting to even try again. Luckily we came up with this version which we can happily say has been very well received. Who doesn't want to become a cute brewling?

Without going too in-depth, the Brewlings will each provide the abilities you would expect with some twists. The twists include attack damage for the Earth Brewling, Status resist with the Fire Brewling, Magic resistance with the Void Brewling, and 0 mana cost Storm Brewling abilities.

Counter-Terrorist God (Very Rare in God Chest 2)
This concept was originally submitted in a different form by Ladde. Over the course of the game you are choosing 3 of a possible 6 pieces of equipment. Equipment can be moved around, much like your heroes. This is a brand new mechanic we've added that we hope people will enjoy. The synergies between the equipment itself and with other spells should create a lot of cool new strategies.

Icefrog God (Extremely Rare in God Chest 2)
This was the winning submission by ubRtstcl for the God Cardsmith contest. This is probably my favorite God at the moment as the amount of strategies you can come up with when you have 5 skills to work with is immense. The fact that you also get to pick a spell who's spell pool only you share feels great.

Primal Beast God (Battlepass Level 10)
This was the 3rd place submission by october for the God Cardsmith contest. Thematically it fits Primal Beast quite well and is a fun and easier alternative to a lot of our other shop Gods.

Dr. Kleiner God (Battlepass Level 21)
This was the 2nd place submission by Pio_Romero for the God Cardsmith contest. The most unique aspect from Dr. Kleiner is that you cannot re-roll manually. Instead, everytime you buy a spell, it will automatically re-roll for you. In practice, this has actually felt incredibly satisfying and powerful. In addition, your team will gain intelligence from simply selling spells. This God is also the main reason we added the new hotkey for selling spells (Ctrl+Left Click).

Roshan God (Battlepass Level 63)
OK I'll be honest. This is our craziest God. Becoming Rosh is definitely cool, but the decisions you are making throughout the game are unlike any other God. You basically have to weigh the tradeoff of actually using spells on a hero, versus gaining the Rosh abilities. Remember, it is all dependent on how many spell points are in each particular spot, so as the game progresses you can re-arrange your spells in order to prioritize whatever Rosh spells you feel will be most impactful.

Medic God (Battlepass Level 80)
Medic is our first God that directly benefits from using healing spells. We think the builds you can come up with are pretty unique as you gain damage amplification just by healing allies. In addition, your team will gain short bursts of spell immunity in the process. Looking forward to potentially seeing a right-click carry with Hand of Gaben.

Dota 2 Tooltips Extension Support

I'm happy to announce that Ability Arena now works in the Dota 2 Tooltips extension, which is the most used extension for games on Twitch. The functionality at the current point allows you to bring up a sidepanel which will show all abilities and Gods so you can read about them without having to ask your favorite streamers to hover over tooltips.

As a streamer, if you have the extension installed from before, you don't have to do anything. If you haven't installed it before, visit here and make sure to follow the instructions.


Thanks for reading!